Amazingly Slimmer Reviews

Read what some of our clients are saying about our body wraps.

They truly work!

Reviewer - Katie M.I haven’t personally tried them yet but my friend and manager absolutely raves about them! they truly work! We live about 45 minutes away but i hear the drive is SO worth it! I cannot wait to have my first appointment and see the results!! She refers them to everyone and as soon as I get my first one done I know I will be telling everyone I know about them since most of my friends always complain about not having the perfect bikini body! everyone needs to try this at least once!! cant wait see you guys soon! 🙂

Review by Katie M.

I was shocked, could see a difference immediately…

Reviewer - FemaleThis really works! I’m not over weight, within normal range anyhow and I lost seven inches in my upper body. I was shocked, could see a difference immediately and the results did not go away over time. This a great addition to getting vacation/summer/swimsuit ready. Worked great for me!!!

Review by J.F.

…because these wraps WORK!

Reviewer - Helen D.I love this place. I have had 3 wraps here so far and have referred 4 people that also keep returning. The reason … Is because these wraps WORK!!! I dropped over 120 lbs and had way too much loose skin that no matter what dieting I did or how much I exercised it just wasn’t tightening so then my husband was actually the one that found this place and after some deliberation I decided to give it a shots junking what’s the worse case scenario. So I went in and after the first wrap (which does feel a bit funny cause you wrapped like a mummy… A skinny mummy) in my first wrap I lost 15in in my last two I lost 12 more each time. And the amazing part is they haven’t come back. My skin feels amazing after the wraps and my pants are loose. And the best part I see even more results after three days. Totally recommend this place and this is now the reason why I will not be wearing spanks under my dresses

Review by Helen D.

I lost 20.5 inches throughout my body…

Reviewer - FemaleDefinitely works! I lost 20.5 inches throughout my body and kept losing afterwards. I can feel it in my clothes and people see it too. The location is easy to find, clean, and the owner is a very nice and caring person. I keep talking about to my friends and family.

Review by Nancy A.

I lost a total of 10.5 inches!

Reviewer - MaleI rarely write reviews but since I rely on them so much.. here I go!
I’ve had several “body wraps” in the past.. more specifically the kind of wrap that you are placed under thermal sheets and for an hour you sweat your toxins out. Typically do this for hangover recovery (it works for me) and not an inch loss goal.

For the first time, I decided to try a different type of wrap – this being more like an ace-bandage/mummification type wrap. Interesting, to say the least. I heard about Amazingly Slimmer Body Wraps a while back and was intrigued enough to seek them out. I know many look at this as a gimmick but for me I was looking for another type of detox experience.

After an hour of being measured, wrapped by hand from head (yes, head) to foot, each limb wrapped separately, with 10+ mineral soaked ace bandages (to where I almost couldn’t breath yet surprisingly comfortable at the same time), placed on a Gazelle exercise machine (for blood circulation because you are wrapped so tight), and then unwrapped and remeasured – I had a total of 10.5″ total reduction. Yes, yes, we all think it was from compression, sweat, or whatever but it is now 3 days later and my skin is still much tighter/firmer EVERYWHERE than it was a week ago. I’m not overweight (123lbs / 5’4″) but I am 41 and elasticity is, well, you know. I live a Paleo lifestyle so there isn’t a lot of water retention or bloating or other reason for a temporary/quick-fix like most would think. Pretty impressive. Most women, like myself, experience cellulite in some degree but this process diminished its appearance greatly (good thing because we were heading to the lake the next day). Clearly I’m pleased and will return as it just felt really good and wonder how much more my skin could improve?!

So, if you’re looking for a refreshed feeling and skin tightening experience that is not temporary (unless you attack the Pringles right after) – it’s worth the $100.

Kuddos to the sweet lady who wrapped me – it had to have been 90 degrees in the room and she was getting quite the work out while wrapping me – and kept a smile on her face the entire time. Love her!

Review by J. H.

Great results…

Reviewer - FemaleLove this place, and love the staff.
Great results, and I’ve also been for a fabulous spray tan.
I drive all the way from the bay area just to go here!
(PS; My husband didn’t write this review.)
MRS Armond Dromgoole

Review by Armond D.

I was very pleased with my results and the fact that the inches STAYED off!

Reviewer - FemaleThis place DELIVERS! I moved to to FF over a year ago from So CAL so I was familiar with body wraps, and I must say that I was very pleased with my results and the fact that the inches STAYED off! The location is convenient, the business is clean and the staff is very friendly! I will be returning and I would recommend this business to anyone!

Review by L. R.

I took my PT test last week and you and your wraps got me down to 32.5 inches!

Reviewer - FemaleI took my PT test last week and you and your wraps got me down to 32.5 inches! That was 1.5 inches better than my last test! I highly recommend getting one! Thanks again!”

Review by Christine P.

After 3 wraps I lost a total of 56.5 inches!

Reviewer - Female“Awesome experience! Thank you for ALL your help!! After 3 wraps I lost a total of 56 1/2 inches. Whoot, whoot!!”

Review by Laura C.

I have to say that I am very pleased with the results!

Reviewer - Female“I went in yesterday to take advantage of the Fat Blaster wrap, and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results! Not only did I lose a total of 25 inches, but my skin and my body feel great!”

Review by Riz C.