Amazingly Slimmer FAQ

What is an Amazingly Slimmer Body Wrap?

At Amazingly Slimmer we wrap you in medical grade bandages similar to an ace bandage. The bandages soak in our exclusive all natural organic mineral base solution prior to your appointment.

We will measure your whole body prior to your wrap. Once you are wrapped like a mummy you are place glider to do slight movement. This is to keep the circulation going in your body. It is not a workout. After 50 minutes to one hour we will unwrap you and then remeasure you to see your amazing inch-loss!

What do I need to do to prepare for my body wrap?

The day of your appointment be freshly showered have no lotion or oil on your skin. This acts as a barrier on the skin and can make it difficult for the minerals to penetrate the skin. Deodorant and makeup are fine to wear during wrap.

What do I wear during my body wrap?

Women need to bring an extra bra and underwear to wear during the wrap. It will get wet so be sure to bring an extra pair for after wrap. A two piece bathing suit is also acceptable. Sports bras tend to have too much coverage, less coverage the better. Men should bring ether basketball shorts or swim trunks to wear during wrap.

What do I do after my body wrap?

We suggest not showering after your wrap for 10 to 12 ours. You will not be sweaty or sticky after wrap so not showering for hours should be fine. Doing this will allow the minerals to stay on your skin and if you wear tight clothing (ex. spanks, yoga pants, Under Armour shirts) you may lose more inches thought-out the day. Our clients that do this say that they feel better the next day even 2 days after their wrap!

Should I drink a lot of water before or after my body wrap?

Since our wraps are not a dehydrating process there is no need to drink a large amount of water before your wrap. Drinking a large amount of water before your wrap can make the wrap uncomfortable since you are wrapped tight in the mid section. After your wrap you should drink 2 to 3 glasses of water to help flush out the toxins from your wrap.

Can I workout after my body wrap?

Absolutely! You are not limited to anything after your wrap! You will actually feel energized to workout!

How long do my inches stay gone?

Combining your wrap with moderate diet and exercise your inch-loss will remain off. Since its a full body detox, inch-loss will remain gone until toxins are replaced.

Who can get a body wrap?

We wrap a wide range of individuals. we wrap men and women of all ages and sizes. Our wraps are perfect for Military PT Test, fitting in to that special outfit, before vacations and special occasions. We also help Body Builders before competitions to help shed any left over inches.

Can pregnant women get a body wrap?

Yes. We clearly don’t wrap tight around the mid section, but a doctor’s note is required to ensure you are in a healthy state for your wrap.

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