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Amazingly Slimmer Body Wraps

Conveniently located in Lodi!

Looking for a healthy way to shed unwanted inches?

At Amazingly Slimmer Body Wraps we offer full body detox wraps like no others in the area. We manufacture all of our own natural organic minerals and use a special wrap technique that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten and firm your skin and detoxify the body of toxins all while hydrating your body and losing unwanted inches.

Our wrap process does not include any plastic wrap or heating blankets which means you will not be sweating during the wrap process.

Visit our contact page to schedule your body wrap appointment at Amazingly Slimmer and experience what everyone is talking about!

Amazingly Slimmer Products

All Natural Mineral Body Polish

$27.99 – Free Shipping

Here at Amazingly Slimmer we’ve taken our same All Natural Minerals that we use for our Body Wraps and have developed a body polish that helps shed unwanted inches, tighten and firm your skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Amazingly Slimmer’s All Natural Mineral Body Polish also double as a daily exfoliant while you’re in the shower!

Our All Natural Mineral Body Polish leaves your skin free from impurities and feeling silky smooth.

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All Natural Mineral Body Polish

Our Body Wraps

The body wraps from Amazingly Slimmer will help you to slim down, detoxify the body, visibly enhance your figure, diminish the appearance of unsightly cellulite, firm and tighten flabby skin and help you achieve stunning results. Amazingly Slimmer’s full body wraps come with a 10 inch-loss guarantee! If you don’t loose at least 10 total inches the next wrap is on us!

Belly Buster Body Wrap

Belly Buster Wrap

The Belly Buster Wrap is a full body detox wrap focusing on the upper thighs and mid section. Our special blend of organic minerals break down stubborn fat cells, tighten and firm lose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Fat Blaster Body Wrap

Fat Blaster Wrap

The Fat Blaster Wrap is our most popular body wrap! With all the same amazing qualities as the Belly Buster the Fat Blaster has special formulated organic minerals that boost our inch-loss by basting through your stubborn fat cells.

Military PT Test Body Wrap

Military PT Test Wrap

The Military PT Test Wrap is specifically designed for our active military personnel. We completely wrap you from the waste up with the primary focus on your waist. The average waist inch-loss of our Military PT Test Wrap is 1-3 inches!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will lose at least 10 inches after your body wrap or your next body wrap is completely free!


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